More On Downtown Las Vegas Redevelopment

Our favorite downtown beat reporter and client Joe Schoenemann  reported on another presentation that was given on the subject this week.

Arena developers still in the game but ask the city for another timeout 

There’s also some discussion of new rapid transit bus lines to connect Fremont Experience to the World Market Center, Outlet Mall, CC Government Center and the Union Park. It’s currently under construction down the middle of Grand Central Parkway. I forgot to mention that on my earlier post regarding downtown redevelopment.


Today’s Sun also quotes the mayor in the “Say What?” column:


“Residents of the downtown arts district threatening to block efforts to build a major sports arena there “are nuts.  On First Friday, there are 10,000 people wandering around down there being artsy, it’s all very nice.  The other 29 days it’s ‘High Noon,’ Gary Cooper is wandering around all alone down there. … It will be a miracle if it (the arena) ever takes place, but miracles happen in Las Vegas.  … It’s a labor of Sisyphus, and I don’t need  any interference with the boulder.”


Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, Tuesday at the Review-Journal offices

Of course I just had to refresh my High School memory and Wikipedia came to the rescue with this.