Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – It Turns Out To Be Even Worst Than I Thought

769193_401_15I can see how this happened, because if you look close, you’ll see that it’s actually taken thru a doorway, by a very very short agent. It would have been better if (s)he had stepped into the room, and not shot the edges of the door frame.

At least the listing said it was a bank owned fixer upper, so the ceiling IS an accurate depiction of what a buyer might be up against. I’ll give the agent credit for that.



769193_401_15UPDATE! Above is the post as I posted it this morning. I knew it was a bizarro picture, but thanks to TSTONE in the comments, I suddenly realize what’s REALLY wrong with it. IT’S UPSIDE DOWN!

I fixed it in photoshop. Even right side up, it’s still qualifies as a worst picture of the day.

Thanks TSTONE!