Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – Pictures Should Get The Viewer Excited, Not Put Them To Sleep

Stars shining bright above me... Dream a little dream of me.My sleep pattern’s been all screwed up for over a week now. In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I’m going back to bed. I won’t be able to help myself after a few minutes browsing the “furniture folder” of bad MLS pictures. I noticed that the number one sub-category is beds. If the pictures are supposed to help the viewer get a sense of the features of a home, I can’t figure out why a picture of a bed furthers that goal.

Here’s a few of my favorites. If you didn’t sleep in this morning, you’ll probably be wishing you had by the time you’re done clicking on all the thumbnails.



If there's only room for a double bed, then we'd better not go see it, since we have a CalKingTruly one of the strangest mysteries is why they broke into the house and only stole the mattress





One of the home staging tricks is to use a single bed to make the room seem bigger. Making the bed will ruin the effect, though.This one makes me sad. Not sure why.



The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!