Our Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods – Westleigh Was The Far West Edge Of Las Vegas in 1952

Just east of Valley View between Oakey and Charleston, you’ll find a delightful neighborhood of 288 cottage and bungalow style homes. Westleigh was built between 1952 and 1957 on 8 to 11,000 sf lots.
Mostly they were 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, but many have been expanded (some nicely, and some horribly). Some of the expanded ones appear more as ranch style now. Some have detached garages, some have guest houses, some are original.
All of the Westleigh homes were built with crawl spaces and real hardwood floors. Peek under the carpet and you’ll find a little treasure waiting for restoration. “Original” real hardwood floors is one of the most sought after features that I’m asked for in Vintage Vegas. Westleigh’s a great neighborhood in which to find them. By the 1960’s concrete slab became the common method for building, and generally the crawlspaces and hardwood went away.  
Another of Westleigh’s unique features is that there are alleys running between the homes, and therefore have backyard access from the alley. Most of the alleys in Vintage Vegas have been closed off but you can still access them in Westleigh. There’s very very few shabby homes left, as it’s been a real popular starter neighborhood for several years, and the majority of the homes are now owner occupied.
There’s 4 homes for sale at the moment, with 199,900 being the lowest and 385,000 the highest.
The 199,900 one is bank owned, needs some TLC and is at a great price for a 3 bedroom 2 bath on and 8100 foot lot. There’s some great deals like this hanging out all over Vintage Vegas.