Last Week Was Quite Busy In Vintage Vegas

There’s certainly been a shortage of posts this week, at least by our usual standards. I was one of the volunteer co-ordinators for the Victory Funds “National Leadership Conference and Candidate Training. The Victory Fund is a Non Profit, Non-Partisan PAC that I’ve supported for years

And, it was end of the month for getting deals closed. I usually spend about 3 hours a day writing, editing and posting here on the blog, but this last week there just weren’t enough hours.

1701 15th closed right on time, and we welcome Greg and Stephanie Higgins to Vintage Vegas. They have lots of great plans for the house, and it will be a fun one to watch.

Our Sale in Paradise Palms got delayed a few days and will close this next week.

Several of you are getting things in order for next weeks foreclosure auction, but everyone seemed to pass on the first Auction today. We’re all going over there this afternoon to get a feel for the who’s bidding, what they’re hot for, and what they’re ignoring.

It’s not too late to start playing the auction game, at least for next weeks REDC Auction. Rules are tight, but we’re betting there’s going to be some great deals.

We also attended the dedication of the St. Louis Ave. beautification project and the “Historic Neighborhood” monument signs for Southridge and Beverly Green Neighborhoods. I never posted pictures of the ceremony, but will get to it in the next week, which hopefully won’t be as hectic.

Wednesday was the protest march for Maude Frazier Hall, and then the regents meeting on Friday.

Hopefully, this next week we can get back to 3 or 4 posts a day.