“Top Producer” Office Award Makes The Point About Real Estate Sales In Vintage Las Vegas

Top Producer Award0001I often get awards from my office at the monthly meetings. Sometimes it’s for most sales, or most closings or most listings. Yesterday they called to make sure I would attend the meeting. I wasn’t sure why until they announced that I had won the “Top Producer” award for the office for November. It’s for a combination of sales, listings taken and listings sold. I’ve never won that award before.

Of course, I like it better when they spell my name right (Capital V – which is how the whole V V V VeryVintageVegas brand came about in the first place).  They promise they’ll fix it for me, and make it over.

I’m certainly not one to brag about things such as an award, but it’s important since all I do is work a very tight geographic “niche market”. There’s over 200 agents in my Keller Williams Realty office. Most agents are focused on the next deal. I’m focused on educating people that there’s something BIG happening in the middle of Las Vegas. There’s a whole interesting world of charming, unique homes and neighborhoods that the vast vast majority of the people in Las Vegas have no idea even exists. One of the biggest challenges I face is educating other Realtors about my little niche market. I think the other agents in my office are starting to get the idea.

Of course, I’m talking about “Vintage Vegas”. Half of the population of Las Vegas (a MILLION PEOPLE) moved here since 1993. They were told they “had to” live in Su—erlin or Green V—-y or the northwest or the southwest. You can’t imagine how many of them have told me they had no idea that they could find a home with a large lot and big trees. They didn’t know their home didn’t have to look just like their neighbors. They didn’t know you could live safely and be 10 minutes to work. No one told them that there were historically and architecturally important neighborhoods. No one said to them that mid century modern was hip and fun and interesting. Telling them and those who haven’t moved here yet, is the primary reason we do this blog.

Of course, I’m just one real estate agent. I don’t get to talk to everyone that moves to Las Vegas. But I sure am talking to a lot of people now a days that want to know more about Vintage Vegas.

Kitchen3_500I’m finding 2 groups of potential buyers. Group One wants the location, but they also want “newness”. They like granite counters and monstrously big elaborate master bathrooms. They insist they have to have 2 or 3 car garages. There are homes for them like our listing on 15th Street. People Like Frantz and Stephanie are rebuilding homes and modernizing them without destroying the character of the neighborhood.

Some of the “suburbanites” are discovering that they can have those granite counters installed, and can do some creative moving of walls. They can do it themselves or have it done for them, or buy one that’s already done over. There’s great inventory of homes that would work for people with the time and money to get it done.

807 Oakey Living Room CeilingThe other group are fans of mid century modern. Or they love bungalows. Sprawling ranches make their hearts sing. They crave uniqueness and creativity. And they love the location too, by the way. They want private yards and big trees and and a sense of community. And like me, they cry every time we hear about a pink bathroom being torn out. There’s tons of homes for sale with original features such as pink bathrooms, fantastic stone fireplaces, hand built cabinetry, REAL hardwood floors, pocket doors, post and beam ceilings, diving board pools and a lot of other classic features that warm the heart.

I’m probably preaching to the choir at this point, so I wanted to ask a question. Have you told your co worker or friend or family that you either love living in Vintage Vegas, or can’t wait till you do? Are you helping to spread the word? Can you help me win that award EVERY month? If you’re not ready to buy or sell right now, do you know someone who is?

If you’re on our email list or have ever gotten an email from me, the “signature” at the bottom reads:

We have lots of fun hyping the “Original Las Vegas” which we call “Very Vintage Vegas.” 

And, selling real estate funds our passion for preserving Vintage Vegas. 

Your referrals are always appreciated.