Vote For Your Favorite “Worst MLS Photo Of The Day”

I’ve gone thru all the “worst MLS photo of the day” postings, both on the new site, and on the old site. I’ve picked my five favorites, which I present again for you to vote on in the comments.

In no particular order, I give you my five favorites. If you want to write in a nomination for one you liked better than any of these 5, then you can do that in the comments also.

new blinds

From August 31, a truly baffling image.








WTF219_20erik_20Demiranda_smallFrom September, 9th,

We picked up a doozy from Kay Athol in Connecticut, who also does daily bad mls pictures.







I don't think it's a MOBILE HOMEFrom August 20th 

The best of the “cars on the lawn” group.







Someone's in the kitchenFrom July 23

A real chef’s delight for a kitchen







A subtle hint at the seller's motivation?From November 27th

Usually it’s the remarks that tell us the seller’s motivation for being on the market.