Chilling Out Isn’t What It Used To Be

We’ve spent a week mostly just chilling out. Some well needed R and R was great, but the other meaning of “chilling” I could do without.  I hate cold weather, of course, which is why I moved to the desert in the first place. Of course, I didn’t have to shovel the sidewalks, or scrape the ice off the car windows, but still…

I really never take time off, and I did take a few calls, attend a few parties, etc, but mostly I  spent some time with the dogs and JJ in front of a roaring fire and watched way too many Law and Order, CSI and Monk marathons. 

I just couldn’t seem to find much to write about last week, but we’re back to work as usual, and even though I didn’t get all gushy with new years eve wishes, and graphics of fireworks and champaign glasses, I do want to wish you all a HAPPY, HEALTHLY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!