New Navigation For VeryVintageVegas

The great team at The Real Estate Tomato have juiced up our website once again & I want to show you how it all works & why it’s neat. Just like always, there is still a list of all of the categories we post blogs about listed on the left sidebar of the site underneath our featured properties. Some of those categories (Architecture, Mortgage, etc) are topics, and some are neighborhoods. The only way to make sure you could read ONLY posts about say, Paradise Palms was to make Paradise Palms a category.

This is a nice, because maybe you also see the market factors that make this a great time to buy property in Vintage Vegas, but you only want to look in a certain area. Well by now using the general regions drop down menu (Downtown East, Winchester Township, etc.) you can see what neighborhoods lie where in the valley and choose to just look at one of them by clicking its name from the drop down menu on the left.

Where the new functionality comes in is what happens to the right sidebar when you click on a neighborhood, now it will only display TOPICS pertaining to that NEIGHBORHOOD. For example try clicking on Downtown East, then from the drop down, click on Beverly Green. You’ll see the right sidebar now displays topics like Events & Historic Preservation. Clicking on any of those will now only show posts on that topic that take place in Beverly Green.

It’s a neat double filter that we hope helps you find just what you’re looking for in Vintage Vegas. When you do; call Jack to negotiate the best deal & I’ll take care of your financing. Happy clicking.