Planning Commission Hearing POSTPONED

Tonight’s hearing in front of the planning commission about the 47 story Hi Rise for 6th and Sahara has been postponed at the applicant’s request. The new date is Feb. 14th.

We’ll keep you posted.

Greg Brown posted a comment on the previous post, but it’s worth repeating it here.

“I just got a call from the Planning department that it was abeyed at the applicant’s request. It is rescheduled for February 14th, though who knows if it will be heard that night.


Presumably they will hold another “neighborhood” meeting though the developer has told me he has no interest in holding an open meeting (which would only produce “complaints”), no interest in conforming to the Neighborhood Plan, and no interest in conforming to existing adjancy standards.


Clearly, they are trying to make an end-run around us.”