Uncle Jack Gets His Photography Pimped

Yesterday we subtlety asked ATHOL KAY (Kay is his last name, not his first, so the apology is now official) to do some of his post production PhotoShop work on one of our photos.

Jessica KitchenMy original photo, which I don’t consider to bad in the least (especially compared to all of our daily worst MLS photos).







Jessica-20kitchen edit 3This is how Athol fixed it, and in doing so taught me a few tricks that I’ll be happy to be using in the future.

So I’m going to order a one of those computer professor dvd training courses about using PhotoShop.

Let me know if you see an improvement in my pictures in the next few months.

Showing Volume Has Picked Up Dramatically

In keeping with how much things are starting to pick up, There has already been 3 showings and 4 email questions about 1401 Jessica. All the listings have had new showings during the last 10 days. Things are starting to change no matter what they say on TV.