Vacation Rentals Are A Great Way To Preserve Vintage Las Vegas Homes

One of the topics that’s often raised by out of town buyers is the concept of having their vacation home rented out as a vacation rental.

The City of Las Vegas recently passed an ordinance banning rental of homes for less than 30 days, but there’s a revision to it that was postponed at the council meeting the other day. The revision undoes the ridiculous total ban, and toughens the rules agains unruly or overly loud parties.

There’s an excellent essay on the subject at Las Vegas Retreats. They’re a property management company specializing in short term rentals.

We know of many of these in Vintage Vegas and have no problem with them at all. The problem the city was trying to address was massive corporate parties being thrown in the homes, most typically inside gate communities of McMansions in the suburbs. I don’t recall any vintage vegas neighborhoods being affected in the least.  We hate seeing Draconian laws that have a negative consequence to the majority, in order to do something about an occasional situation.

We encourage you to contact the city to voice your support for the newly revised ordinance that has been proposed. The phone number to the City Council is 229–6405 or email your council person thru the website of the City Of Las Vegas