When You Haven’t Seen The Historic Neighborhoods Of Vintage Las Vegas For 3 Years

James has been living in Florida for the last 3 years, but for 10 years prior had lived at various times in Huntridge, Paradise Palms and McNeil. I spent the other afternoon with James on a preliminary search in preparation for his moving back to LV this summer.

New Landscape Being Installed In The Historic Downtown Neighborhood Of Vintage Las VegasJames was blown away by the positive change in all the neighborhoods we visited. There were homes and streets that he knew pretty well, and remembered what they looked like 3–13 years ago.

When I’m showing homes to someone who’s never been in Vintage Vegas, they often are distracted or disappointed by the one run down home, or awful landscape of a particular house on a particular block. James was focused on what had changed since he left.

Usually I’m the one pointing out how things such as….

This block used to look real crappy, or that house used to have 2 cars up on blocks, or don’t you love the new colors they picked for that house when they repainted. It was a real pleasure to be hearing it from someone else, who was looking at things with an old perspective.

He said it was kind of like the niece of his that he hadn’t seen in 3 years who went from being a pimply plumb 14 year old, to a very good looking 17 year old.

Since there’s rarely a week that I don’t drive thru just about every one of the Vintage Las Vegas neighborhoods, it’s easy not see the gradual change that’s occurring every day. I was very happy to get this reaction from someone who’s been gone for 3 years.