Mid Century Modern Homes Deserve To Have The Right Front Door In Vintage Las Vegas

I ran into Home Depot yesterday to get a new dog door. With 3 beagles coming and going about 200 times a day, it seems a dog door only has a 2 year life span. Of course that put me in the door aisle, and I was thinking about how absolutely wrong every single one of their standard inventory front doors would look on my mid century modern home.

Of course I see their “mcmansion” doors on homes all over Vintage Vegas, but they’re only there because that’s all there is to buy at the big box home improvement center.

Crestwood Doors, Austin Texas, Ad From Atomic Ranch MagazineThen I stopped last night at Barnes and Noble, and left with a copy of my favorite magazine, Atomic Ranch. The inside front cover ad is for a company out of Austin Texas which is re-creating the classic door designs of the 50’s and 60’s. Of course, just as important is their mid mod advertising, which is absolutely true to the mid 50’s style of magazine ads. Even their website is true to the era.

They blog occasionally about how their business came to be and the trials and tribulations and exhilaration of being a start up business.

Bottom Line…. I’m happy to share with you this amazing new resource for those of us who want to do ‘em over right!

Click on their ad to see it full size!