Uncle Jack Makes It To The Front Page Of Google – Still Working On Getting Jack LeVine Off Of Page 2

You’ll probably notice that I started using the terms “Uncle Jack” and my name “Jack LeVine” in some of the headlines for various posts. There’s a reason for it that has NOTHING to do with my ego.

There’s this thing called SEO or “search engine optimization”. It’s a tricky thing to get the search engines to recognize something. We’ve been studying the concept and putting it into practice since September, when we launched the new site.

If you google uncle jack, I’ve finally made it to page one, after battling a NYC restaurant with the same name. If you google jack Levine, without the capital V, I don’t show up till page 8, but if you put in the capital V, google finds this interview with me at The Real Estate Tomato, about how blogging has changed my real estate career.

There’s still Jack Levine the ARTIST, Jack Levine, the MATHEMATICIAN, and Jack Levine the realtor in Miami, who had the audacity to buy the jacklevine.com url before I ever even heard of the internet! I’ll let you know when I pass them up.

On the other hand, we make it to page one of google if you search for “vintage vegas” “vintage las vegas”  “VeryVintageVegas” and a host of other things, we make it right to the first page. We’re still working on getting first page status for search terms such as “downtown las vegas” “las vegas history” “las vegas historic neighborhoods”.

Of course if you google many of the neighborhood names, or topics we’ve covered in various posts, you’ll probably find VeryVintageVegas. There seems to be about 15 people a day on average who are finding us for the first time, and we’re averaging about 200 unique visitors a day. Most of the people who I meet that have been reading us tell me they only check in every few days or once a week or once a month.

If you’re one of the daily readers, I especially thank you, but I appreciate every single one of you.  Together, we really are accomplishing something of great importance.