The Cutest Beagle In The World Thinks She’s Houdini

Maggie watches the world for us from the front room window. Maggie managed to find a new way to get out of the yard. She’s done it many times in the past. Usually it has to do with wiggling up the fence with her back against an oleander branch.

Her world record from 2005 was 27 days in a row before we finally figured out how she was doing it. Poor Oleander. After the severe pruning, it took 2 years until it looked right again.

This time around, she managed to get out 4 mornings in a row. She must have worked on the new escape route for weeks. Friday, I hid around the corner and waited. Catching her in the act left me scratching my head in wonder that she could pull it off. It involved the planter in the corner, across the block wall as if she were a cat, then onto the roof of the neighbors shed, and a daring 7 foot jump to the neighbors back yard.

P2194682Thursday morning, the maintenance staff at Fremont Middle School managed to grab her and lock her up in the fenced bike parking till I could get there. I thanked them personally, but here’s a BIG thank you to them publicly.

Speaking of bike parking, when I was in school, we didn’t even have to lock the bikes, nevertheless put a padlocked fence around the bike racks. Things change.