Aerial Gallery Dedication In Downtown Las Vegas – Today.

ThirtBannersReferenceThe dedication ceremony is 4pm, at the corner of Fremont and Las Vegas Blvd. The artist reception starts at 4:30 at the Downtown Cocktail Room.

We hang out there most every Thursday anyway, so if you’d like to meet Jack, and some of the gang that keeps me from going crazy, it’s a great time to meet Mary and Steve, and Paco, and Pam and Susan.

We found this preview of the 50 Serialized Banners called “THIRST” atBlog Flume, a blog about Comics and cartoons and culture.

A picture can’t do them justice. We drove Las Vegas Blvd from Charleston to city hall yesterday.

If you can’t make the dedication, take the drive, have some lunch or dinner at any of the many ethnic restaurants, stop at the downtown cocktail lounge for a drink, or see the light show at Fremont Street Experience, or listen to some music at Beauty Bar, or Griffin, etc etc etc. There’s a whole new experience for you in Downtown Las Vegas.

You don’t have to wait for First Friday. Downtowns open all day and night every day of the week.