You Want Numbers? Here’s Some Numbers About The Las Vegas Real Estate Market

Las Vegas Real Estate Numbers Show A Market That Is Shifting Again. It's About Time.A reader commented to me the other night that all he sees on other blogs is boring numbers. He’s really glad I don’t clog things up with charts and graphs and statistics and other stuff that I probably hate as much as you do.

But my instincts which are based on actually WORKING at selling real estate about 15 hours a day tells me the same thing that’s on this spread sheet. So if you DO like to see the numbers….. Have at it.

In a nutshell, Sales are rising. Inventory is shrinking. The sky hasn’t fallen. Vegas is still Vegas, and more people are still moving in than moving out. 

It strikes me as amusing that nobody wants something till someone else wants it.  

The chart is a thumbnail, so click on it and you can see the numbers.