Las Vegas Planning Commission Sides With Residents Of Historic Neighborhoods

The planning commission turned down the 47 Story hi rise development at 6th and Sahara. About 40 neighbors from the Southridge, Beverly Green, Huntridge, and John S. Park Neighborhood Associations came to the hearing and spoke their opposition.

Of course, being turned down by planning gives the developer the right to plead their case to the City Council on April 13. So we’ll be calling once again for bodies and voices to attend the City Council meeting.

Steve Evans, the commissioner for ward 3 really read the riot act to the developers. His most important point is that they did everything backwards, by presenting a plan to the neighbors FIRST and asking us to just accept their grand design, instead of meeting with the neighborhoods that would be affected to find out what would be acceptable, and then designing based on having our support.

The city and especially Mayor Goodman and Councilman Gary Reese have been tellings me publicly and privately that viable, energetic, and continually improving historic neighborhoods are a top priority.

We applaud the commission for drawing a line in the sand between the single family neighborhoods and the developers who want to build with no concern for the impact on the neighborhoods.