RSSHUGGER Made Me Write This Post – Or Else I Have To Pay Them $20.

All I want to do is get on the front page of google if you search for “Las Vegas Real Estate”

You may have noticed that we’re trying to increase the subscriber base for Very Vintage Vegas. That’s why you might be seeing a box above a post that asks you to subscribe. All of this is about trying to make us even more “findable” in the search engines.

Search engines work in mysterious ways. It’s almost as complicated as how they figure your FICO score. Something about Algorithms, page rankings, linkbacks, authority, RSS Feeds, and tons of other screwy words that you don’t have to worry about unless you’re blogging yourself.

As I understand it, I get extra “authority” in the search engines when there’s a link to Very Vintage Vegas on someone else’s website. That’s the main reason they developed RSSHUGGER. It’s a search engine for blogs where once I write this review, you can go an find other blogs on topics that interest you.

The more “inbound links you have the more authority you get. Outbound links from a site with great authority give you even more authority. Or something like that. So in order to get listed on RSSHUGGER, I have to tell you about it here, so that that they get even more authority so that the link at RSSHUGGER back to VeryVintageVegas has even more authority yet.

All of this is about getting VVV to the front page of google or yahoo if they search for “Las Vegas Real Estate”. It’s already working pretty damn good if you use words like historic, or vintage or retro, or urban or downtown plus Las Vegas.

So the best thing to do is when you get to their home page, click on the search button and find the list of dozens of topics to find other blogs that might interest you. If you don’t really want to do that, at least click on this link once so they know I told you about it.

Of course none of this has absolutely anything to do with Classic Homes in Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods, or Urban Living in Las Vegas, or Las Vegas History which is what I’m supposed to be writing about, so you all can just pretend I didn’t waste a minute of your life and twenty minutes of mine.