Lawyer’s Row In Downtown Las Vegas Hasn’t Finished Spreading To The East

IMG_3113North of Charleston and East of Las Vegas Blvd is where you’ll find “Lawyer’s Row”. This was the far edge of Las Vegas in the 1920’s and 30’s. Las Vegas High School, which is now the Las Vegas Academy is the cornerstone of the area. Cute bungalows, and cottages have been rezoned and turned into professional space. Most of the rezoning has happened on 6th, 7th and 8th Street.



IMG_31129th to 11th Street still has residential homes, duplexes and 4 plexes and some mid sized apartment complexes. Most are very nicely kept up. The whole area of Lawyers Row, and the Las Vegas Academy Historic Neighborhood makes a very worthwhile sightseeing trip.

Someday, I imagine the big money guys will want to tear these homes down in favor of McOffices. (office buildings that look like McMansions. Lynn Zook and I both hate them, and there’s already several on 6th and 7th streets.

Small Apartment Buildings In Downtown Las Vegas Make Great Real Estate Investments

Mid Century Modern Apartment Building In Downtown Las VegasOne of my favorite small apartment buildings seems to be going thru a remodel on the interior. The stonework and low pitched roof design is classic postwar mid century modern. Obviously, this is 311 s. 11th Street.

All photos on VeryVintageVegas are clickable thumbnails if you’d like to see a larger image to study the details.



IMG_3123The upper balconies on the side of the building are held up with diagonal 2×6’s with evenly spaced holes that really make the mid–mod design a true winner in my book.


Peeking thru the windows, I found original metal cabinets, wall heaters and I love the aluminum frame floor to ceiling windows.  We’ll keep our eye on it and watch how it progresses. Hopefully they’ll catch up on the paint, window glazing and getting the address off of the front of the building.

IMG_3126Buildings like these can make great investments.