We’re Looking For A Picture Of The Blue Onion On Fremont Street In Downtown Las Vegas

The Blue Onion Was The Place To Be In 50’s and 60’s In Las Vegas

I got a call yesterday from a man that found his father’s diary/journal from the 50’s and 60’s. There’s tons of stories, and among them, he tells about cruising Fremont Street trying to pick up chicks.

Dave’s trying to put pictures together with the journal of all the places his father hung out at, visited, worked at etc. What’s missing is the BLUE ONION.

From what I’ve gathered, the Blue onion was a car-hop drive-in restaurant that had flexible air conditioner ducts that they would bring out and stick into your car window.

There has to be a postcard, or some pictures, or something in one of our readers collections.

How about it? Anyone have one?