Volunteers Perform Beautification Project In The Huntridge And Marycrest Historic Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

Bishop Gorman High School Students At The Huntridge and Marycrest Historic Neighborhood Beautification EventSaturday morning, students from Bishop Gorman High School returned to their schools old neighborhood for some community service. They painted fire hydrants, red no parking zone curbs, painted addresses on the curbs, and cleaned up the pocket park at Maryland Parkway and Oakey.

The City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services and along with Gorman High School, Transitional Living Communities, and Vista Landscape organized the event.



The monument sign for the Historic Huntridge and Marycrest Neighborhoods was installed by the neighborhood associations about 5 years ago, but there’s always been an ongoing dispute over who was responsible for keeping the weeds out of it. It’s looked pretty shabby lately, but now that it’s cleaned up, newly rocked, and weed free, maybe we can get everyone involved in keeping it that way.



Does Your Las Vegas Neighborhood Need A Beautification Event?

They don’t just happen automatically. They don’t happen at all if there isn’t a neighbor or an association pushing for it, and stepping to the plate to make it happen.

Both the city and the county have neighborhood services departments that will guide you and help you to organize one.

The City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services can be reached at 229–2330.

The Clark County Neighborhood Services Department can be reached at 455–3777

Would A Little Good Neighbor Effort On Your Part Help To Prop Up The Value Of Your Las Vegas Home?

Even if you don’t want to help plan a beautification event, or to be involved in a neighborhood association, there are still things you can do. Every homeowner I know or meet says they want their home to maintain it’s value.

Probably, there’s an abandoned bank owned property on your street. The bank doesn’t care and doesn’t have the time or the manpower to make it look more attractive. I’ll bet one of your neighbors is going to lose their home soon, and has stopped taking care of it. Maybe it’s a senior who lives nearby who can’t afford to have someone keep up the property. In all of these cases, even a little help from you would go a long way to make keep your own home from falling in in value along with theirs.

If the weeds got “miraculously” pulled or mowed down (hint hint), or the litter got picked up, then they might just sell for a higher price. Each foreclosure in a neighborhood AND EACH PROPERTY WITH A NEGLECTED LANDSCAPE causes every other property to lose even more value. How much would it be worth for you to make the foreclosed home, or your own home or the little old ladies home next door to look better so that the sales prices are better? I think it would be a very profitable hour or three of your time.