This Made Me Sick When I Saw It

IMG_3635I am so tired of the graffiti. This one in particular has infuriated me enough to go start another crusade.

This is just the worst slap in the face to many many people who have worked tirelessy to turn around our great mid town neighborhoods. Hopefully it can be sandblasted or otherwise removed without destroying the beauty of the monument sign welcoming people to what we know to be a fabulous part of Las Vegas.

I’m with the mayor on this. Cut off their hands!

One of the things that you might know, is that I spend a LOT of time in the car driving thru the historic neighborhoods. More and more often recently, I have buyers with me. 

I’m really doing my best to help the value of all of the homes in Vintage Vegas. Putting the foreclosure crisis aside, there’s NOTHING that bothers prospective buyers more than seeing lots of graffiti. I call neighborhood services every time I spot some. They’re really good at responding, and it’s usually gone by the next day.

That’s why I’m so happy that there’s so little at any given time because Rapid Response and Neighborhood Services takes care of getting rid of it.

But I’m absolutely sure that I’m not reporting it within minutes of it happening. It’s often a day or 2 later when I find it. If you’ll call when you see it, we can keep the neighborhoods free of it that much better.

IMG_3632I’d like each and every one of you to call them every time you spot a tag. It’s usually not gang marking. It’s just stupid kids out to impress their stupid friends. 

So do this the moment you spot some:




 I know there’s more home OWNERS who read me every day than there are potential home buyers. So I’m asking, no, make that begging for you to do us all a favor and call every time you spot a tag!