Three RANTS and a RAVE From Jack LeVine, The Vintage Homes And Mid Century Modern Realtor In Las Vegas NV – Part One

Lets start with The Rave.

There’s a pioneering ripple of people who are trying  to buy a home right NOW. Each of them is in their own personal step along the process. Each and everyone of them that I can think of are among these 3 different types of buyers and each has a personal reason to buy.

Group One is the investor. They’re not looking for a home to live in. They’ll probably make a lot of money doing it. At least they’re willing to bet on it.

Group Two are the people who are selling or renting out their old home in order to buy a different home. They’re the sellers who took or are taking their lumps involving the loss of previously perceived wealth. Renting any place to live would never be a first or even a next to last option. Their lives will be better in the new home.

Group Three first started thinking about buying a home about 4 or 5 years ago. For whatever reason, they never ended up buying. And MOST importantly, they never gave up thinking or feeling for a moment that home ownership is good for them and their family. That is, as long as they don’t do anything stupid like their cousin or co-worker did. Prices have come down to where they can afford to buy again, and they don’t want to wait much longer. They’re really looking forward to become owners instead of renters.

So My RAVE and a pat on the back is for the early pioneers who are bravely wading into the water. They’re the ones who’ve noticed that the “24 Hour News Cycle”  has gone from DOOM, GLOOM and ARMAGEDDON to merely just GLOOM.


No, I didn’t forget the rants

They’re already written, and I’ll post them on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, right after our regularly scheduled WMLSPOTD and the DMCMBWD (Decorative Mid Century Modern Block Wall Design). You’ll have to crawl over them to get to the pictures.