Jack LeVine RANTS As Promised – Retro, Vintage, Classic, and Historic Las Vegas Homes For Sale And Why I Have To Keep Repeating Myself

Rant One – a personal and mild one

I really get a kick out of writing this blog. I actually enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy selling real estate (yes, even in these times – you know, the end of days and all).

What I don’t like about it is, for example, the headline above this post. You probably didn’t read all of it till just now, but it got you to read the post. Anyone who just skipped it and the post itself just to look at the bad MLS pictures doesn’t even care to know what I really write about. BUT Google does care.

And I appreciate you, the PEOPLE reading this who have read this far. That’s why I try to write for PEOPLE.  Google however reads EVERY SINGLE WORD AND JUDGES IT AS TO HOW WORTHY IT IS TO GET TO BE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF ANY RELEVANT SEARCH. That’s a part of the reality of the internet that the casual web browsing person doesn’t have to think about.  Google and Yahoo and MSN and Aol etc owns the game and if I want more and more of you to find this blog then I have to write STUPID HEADLINES LIKE THE ONE ABOVE. Therefore  my rant is about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

To get Googletc (as in Google and ETC. I’m hereby copywriting and trade marking that phrase)  to notice me, and deliver a link to Very Vintage Vegas, I have to constantly feed it with specific words that people like you put into the search engines. Sing along with me now, you all know the words by now. Can you say HISTORIC NEIGHBORHOOD? What about VINTAGE and VEGAS? Does MID CENTURY MODERN ring bell? Don’t forget JACK LEVINE, which by the way is pronounced like WINE with a long I.  

Now you know why it’s much more fun to write for people than it is for GOOGLETC (c)

I’m glad smiley faces fell out of popularity. But hey, I’m all about vintage, aren’t I?

Tomorrow’s RANT has to do with Mortgage Companies and Appraisals. Don’t miss it!