Pattern 21 of the Mid Century Modern Decorative Block Series

Mid Century Modern Homes For Sale In Las Vegas Often Sport Decorative Stone ScreensI found this decorative block pattern in McNeil, which is on the west side of Rancho, between Oakey and Charleston,

I’ve only ever found it on 2 of our mid century modern homes, so it’s truly a rarity.





Retro Design patterns on mid century modern homes in Las Vegas provide light and privacy 

 There’s 2 spots you can focus on. One is if you focus on the center of any given block, but if you focus on the junction of 4 blocks, then this design becomes predominant.







Mid Century Modern often has privacy screens made of decorative concrete block. It's prevelant in many of the historic neighborhoods  of las vegas Did you think I was kidding when I said I had about 50 different patterns that I’d identified?

I really hope this series is causing you to notice the block work and the mid century modernism that’s so prevalent as you come and go thru Vintage Las Vegas.