Atomic Age Alliance To Be Honored By Las Vegas City Council For Preservation Efforts

Atomic Age Alliance LogoThe City Council Will be honoring the historic preservation efforts of Atomic Age Alliance at the meeting tomorrow morning. The meeting begins promptly at 9 am and the ceremonial items such as this are the first things on the agenda.

We plan on showing up to give MaryMargaret a standing ovation.

The next meeting for AAA will be Wednesday the 14th, at 7pm. We’ll tell you the location as soon as we know it. (it’s always somewhere fun and interesting)

If you’ve ever thought of ACTUALLY getting involved, now as good as time as any. Come out and meet some really cool people who love our historic neighborhoods and mid century modern architecture as much as you do.

May Is Historic Preservation Month In The State Of Nevada

There’s all kinds of Special Events, Seminars, Helldorado Parade, Open House At Huntridge Theatre, Free Event at Springs Preserve, Museum specials and a host of other things that we’ll report on later this week.