Staging A Mid Century Modern Home For Sale In Las Vegas Is Easy –

IMG_4259We held last months Atomic Age Alliance meeting in this home in Rancho Manor. Everyone was truly impressed, and I put it in my mind that I was going to try to find the perfect buyer for it. Downtown Steve has it listed, and the sellers did a superb job with staging the home for sale.





IMG_4260Two weeks later, a new UNLV professor who I’d been emailing and talking to for several months while he finalized the new job details, came to town. I knew in my mind that he’d definitely want to see this one, since he didn’t want a fixer, and wanted something that would look great around his modernest furniture and collectibles.





There wasn’t a LOT of furniture or collectibles, but it certainly made the home much more attractive than it would have been as a vacant home.  



IMG_4261Of course we looked at the other dozen possibilities, but none held a candle to this one. The staging made all the difference. We finished the inspections yesterday, and everything’s moving forward!