1013 Francis Ave. In The Historic Huntridge Neighborhood Of Vintage Las Vegas

Mls frontWe’re pleased to have been chosen as the listing agent for 1013 Francis Ave. We’re starting to see some of the really nice homes in the vintage and historic neighborhoods come on the market.

Now that prices seem to have stabilized, we can actually figure out what a home is worth, and what it will sell for. We’ve taken into account the new dual pane windows, the new roof, the parquet wood floors, the custom concrete countertops, the lovely front and rear landscape, and all of the other factors that we use to gauge value. We’ve priced this at $255,000. and you or someone you know ought to give me a call to see it.

Flyer windowsThe “non-investor” buyers are buying again, as we’ve mentioned, and the nicest of the homes are starting to sell.

If you’re buying in Vintage Vegas, you have a huge range of homes to choose from. Most of the foreclosures, are pretty beaten up and broken homes. Some of the homes are so–so, and some, like 1013 Francis have been well loved and well taken care of.



Mls kitchen 3All of the photos are in the gallery of our featured properties, but I wanted to give you a peek into this legally expanded Huntridge home on a corner lot.

I mentioned the “legally expanded” because that’s not one of the most common things we see in the Huntridge homes. They’ve had every sort of room addition, or carport conversion that you can imagine. Some of them, such as 1013 Francis were done with permits, and the new square footage is reflected in the tax records.  Our MLS system requires us now to only use the square footage that shows in the assessor’s records. Appraisers and buyers alike are not giving as much value to non-permitted additions as they once did.

Our new listing really is 1904 square feet, and all the extra space is distributed evenly thru out all of the rooms. The master bedroom is 11×20 and the other two bedrooms are 11×16 and 12×16.

Give me a call. I’d be happy to show you this lovely home, or to help you with any other.