Media Coverage Of Vintage Vegas, Mid Century Modern, And The New Urban Lifestyle

No, this isn’t a passing fad. It’s actually a movement that as far as Las Vegas is concerned is still in its infancy. Nationwide, the restoration and preservation and revival of Mid Century Modern is in full swing.

An example is the publicity surrounding the sale this week of the Palm Springs “KAUFMANN HOUSE” at the Christies Auction. One of the key points that I’m always making is that most of the people who already “get it” around the nation have no clue that most of what I call Very Vintage Vegas is actually undiscovered Mid Century Modern.

My readers know it, the Atomic Age Alliance gets it. Many of our current homeowners don’t understand, which is our biggest challenge. But the word is getting out to the Mid Mod fans around the world and we’re reaching our current owners one at a time. In the next million people to show up here as Las Vegas continues to grow, there will be a continually growing buyer pool for our mid mods. Anyone in LA who ever owned or wanted an EICHLER, probably won’t be buying their Las Vegas Vacation Home in Summerlin.

For example, I was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for a piece on the subject that’s currently being researched. I’m being told that the National Trust For Historic Preservation is aware of the Las Vegas Mid Century Modern Heritage.

The Trust’s magazine “Preservation” has a recent article called “THE MODERNIST MANIFESTO”. It’s a must read if you want to know what the buzz is really about.

Preservation Action, a Washington DC based lobby for historic preservation has it’s eye on Las Vegas.

Jack LeVine Featured In Nevada Public Radio Piece On Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas

Yesterday, KNPR’s “State of Nevada” spent a whole hour on the subject. I was featured in the piece by free lance reporter Adam Burke, which opened the program.  

His piece was followed by a panel discussion with Adam, as well as local preservationist Josh Geidel, noted Architectural historian and critic Alan Hess, Tom McCormick of Astoria Homes, Dr. Robert Fielden the famed urban planner.

If You missed it, you can listen to the entire program with the “listen” link in the middle of the page once you’re on the KNPR State Of Nevada Page. I highly recommend listening to the whole program. You’ll learn a lot. I did.