Drawer-Style Fridges a New Trend

BEVERAGE FACTORY Under counter refridgerators are a great energy and space saving way to remodel a kitchenInstalling built-in refrigerated drawers is an idea that is catching on in communities across the nation, no matter the size of the home. Compact, convenient, modern and stylish, they are a new alternative to the giant refrigerators that have long dominated our kitchens.
Popular in the compact kitchens of Europe for years, built-in refrigerated drawers offer lots of room and come in several styles.

Tucked under the countertop, out of the way, drawer-style built-ins free up a large section of kitchen wall for other uses. Install a pantry or shelving to replace the cupboard space lost to the drawers, and you’ll probably add even more storage than you had before. Some homeowners may even choose refrigerated drawers to supplement a small standard fridge. Units that fit into a central island are available to maximize space.

Benefits of the drawer-style fridges include the ability to set each drawer’s temperature independently in order to best preserve your food items, and adjustable compartment dividers and full lighting so you can see what’s gotten stuck in the back of the drawer.
Several manufacturers make fridge and freezer drawer combo units, and some even come with an icemaker, so none of the functionality of a standard refrigerator is lost.

Numerous sizes and styles are available to smoothly integrate into any kitchen decor. Cruise websites like BEVERAGEFACTORY or nextag.com to view some of the models and styles available, from manufacturers such as Aga, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid and GE. While still rather pricey — ranging from about $1,200 to nearly $4,000 per unit — as they increase in popularity, built-ins should drop in price, making them more affordable for all homeowners, and a space-saving solution.

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