The Decorative Concrete Sunscreens And Block Walls Of Vintage Vegas – Pattern #41

P6270979 single block

A pretty similar pattern, at first glance, to the one I showed you in #39 of the series. In fact I had only one sub folder that I’d labeled “square in a square”. I had both patterns in it, without realizing the subtle difference.

Just as a reminder, here’s pattern #39 again.

P9192883 single block






P6270979 croppedMost of the photos from all of these patterns were taken over a year ago. I’m sorry I didn’t keep notes on where I found many of them.

At the party in Paradise Palms on Saturday, one of the many “unknown” readers came up to me and told me she loved this series. She’s lived in Paradise Palms for years and had never really paid attention to them before. She’s been printing them out as we go and has made a game for herself to find each of the patterns. I’m impressed and gratified.