I’ve been swamped, but want to give you some updates.

Ken and Barbie are our newest homeowners in Vintage Vegas. Congratulations to them. They’re really Mark and Dana, and I think they’re the youngest couple I’ve ever sold a home to. They get it. Home ownership is still the best path to starting to accumulate wealth as well as lifestyle.

Susan and Steve are busy unpacking, and the new lender says no problem!.

The developer who drove us nuts trying to build a 47 Story Hirise at the corner of 6th and Sahara is back with a new proposal. We’ll find out Tuesday what he’s got in mind this time.

A while back I mentioned that there were 17 people in my pipeline who were ready to buy in the next 3 months. 7 are under contract or already closed. They’ve been replaced by 9 new ones. As I’ve been telling you lately, it’s a real challenge to get the deals closed. If you’re thinking of buying in the next year, it’s very important to get things lined up. Fix the credit, or improve it, save some money, start studying the neighborhoods, contact your Realtor (that’s me), start working with a reliable, dependable, experienced and FULL TIME lender. That would be RUTH SERTIC at Vision Mortgage. She been with me for 12 years, and never let me down once. She can be reached at 278–7269 or rsertic@aol.com

I’ve been pretty swamped lately, so the posting has been light, but I promise I’ve got lots of fun and lots of information heading your way. Check in at least once a day as a favor to me. I really want to stop being the number 2 real estate blog in Las Vegas. Number One is the goal, and the number of unique visitors each day is how it happens.