I Should Know By Morning If My Computer Survived The Surgery

It’s been touch and go all day. Re-installing the operating system is like a triple bypass. You just can’t tell tell the outcome till it’s all over.

The patient is in the recovery room. I’m tired of pacing back and forth, so I’m doing what I can on this old laptop. I’m spending as much time correcting the errors in my typing that are caused by a little itty bitty keyboard.  I really miss my computer and my giant ergonomic keyboard.  Maybe I’ll be able to play with them tomorrow. If not, I’ll be guilty of computercide.

It looks like the all the data and files got backed up and reinstalled. It was running great for about an hour early this evening, but I didn’t know it was uploading 56 “windows updates” in the background. It suddenly decided to reboot itself, and now its been 2 hours with a little wheel spinning around and a message that says “configuring updates”. That doesn’t feel right to me, but all I know how to do is to type.