One Of The Most Interesting Weeks Ever In Uncle Jack’s Real Estate Career

I learned more about how computers work than I ever wanted to. I didn’t realize or perhaps willingly ignored the fact that I’m totally dependent on the computer for so many aspects of my business, as well as for my personal life. Being without it drove me crazy. I can drive a car also, but that doesn’t mean I know what goes on under the hood. Same for the computer.

There was a total of 17 hours on the phone or in online chats with various tech support people. That’s when I gave up and called in the Geeks On The Go. We decided we had to do a full restore of the operating system. I didn’t know it was going to take almost a full 24 hours. The computer would re-boot itself, and take an hour to shut down and an hour to boot back up. It went thru that routine about a dozen times, and each subsequent re-boot happened a little faster than the previous one.

We eventually got the system totally restored. Finally, a congratulation screen. Soon after, I discovered that he back up files that were done didn’t show back up and left me despondent for a full day and a half till we found them. The indexing of where they got put on the hard drive wasn’t what we expected in the least. But we found them all yesterday afternoon. Hallelujah!

What they didn’t tell me was that even if we backed up everything, that we were going to only be backing up the data and pictures and files. Did you know that every program gets wiped out, and that they all have to be installed again? Did I know that I can’t find the install disks for the PhotoShop or MS OFFICE? I have the boxes. They’ve been on the shelf for over a year, but no disks to be found anywhere.

I’ve hardly had any sleep in almost a week. Normally nothing keeps me from falling asleep. If there’s a term that’s the opposite of insomniac, then it describes me. One of the things that’s allowed me to stay in the Las Vegas real estate business for 20 years is being real good at turning off my brain, and falling to sleep. Other agents tell me they lie awake all night fretting over things they can’t do anything about.  This last week I became one of them.

And all the while, the phone rang. New buyers; deals closing; an offer written on a bank owned property;  2 new commercial listings that I’ll be telling you about shortly.a radio interview; and my mother wasn’t feeling well, and went to the ER yesterday. She’ll be fine and they’re doing lots of tests today, and of course, I’ll be there all day, today.

Tomorrow is a “summit” of all the preservation groups in Las Vegas. I’ll be representing all of you, my readers. City and county employees in the various preservation departments, the Atomic Age Alliance, Classic Las Vegas,  the state, and Heather MacIntosh from Preservation Action. There’s some other clubs, organizations and government people who I don’t know, and I’m anxious to meet them. We’re holding the summit in Boulder City, so I’ll have to break the 3 mile rule for the day. I’ll give you a report next week.

And that was the week that was. I promise to get back to my normal routine and posting schedule by Sunday. Thanks for sticking with me.