Media Exposure Raises Awareness Of The Classic, Retro, and Mid Century Modern Homes Of Las Vegas

I was interviewed this week for an on line talk radio show at ALLTALKRADIO. We discussed the fact that historic preservation is in its infancy in Las Vegas.

He was curious why we jokingly use the term “Vintage” for urban core of Las Vegas when vintage in most other cities refers to 100 year old homes.

We spend a lot of time on Mid Century Modern homes and the differences between current styles of architecture and lot size compared to our classic homes and historic neighborhoods.

Of course I gave all the talking points about the arts district and the music scene, and proximity to strip entertainment as well as commute times, crime statistics, neighborhood cultural diversity.

If you’ve been reading along with us here at VeryVintageVegas, you’ll hear me discussing the things I talk about all the time, but I think you’ll really enjoy this 10 minute interview.  (the link will open your media player instead of a website)

And because of this interview, I finally found out something I’ve been meaning to explore myself.

There’s a big banner on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Oakey proclaiming “BILLIONAIREMAFIA.COM”.

It turns out to be an online, interactive media experience documenting the turfwar between two families, each of which is hellbent on taking back control of Las Vegas. I haven’t played with it yet, but plan to in all of my “spare” time.

OK, so I stopped typing for a few minutes and played with it.  That allowed my to uncover the mysterious  “LanaFuchs” banner that was the predecessor of the BillionaireMafia banner at Oakey and LVBS. I hope it’s all worth checking out.