This Is For Sam

I lost my dad in 2001. I didn’t like him much as a kid. As an adult, however, I learned that I was the problem, not him. Once I grew up, I found out he was almost always right, and that I wasn’t. He truly was a great guy and I really appreciated him all thru my 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. How I wish I could still have his advice and coaching.

Field Of Dreams was his favorite movie of all time. I think he watched it about 50 times. I’ve teared up and thought of him every time I’ve ever watched it.  

More than anything he taught me not to quit. If you start something, you’ve got an obligation to finish it. That’s was never more true than during the last year. It’s been the most trying period of my life. I’ve been keeping 50 different plates spinning, and juggled another 50 balls, but I survived, no thanks to great teaching from Sam.

I stuck it out, and dedicate VVV to him. He’d be proud.