Congress Needs To Pass Housing Stimulous Legislation Before The July 4th Recess

Here’s something you can do to help. This email is from the home building industry, but it’s just as important to those who already own homes, as well as those who would NEVER consider a brand new home.

As you probably know, Pulte Homes and the nations other big homebuilders have been working diligently with our elected leaders in Congress to pass legislation to help stabilize and stimulate the housing market. Both the House and Senate have considered legislation this year to provide a “tax credit” for first-time homebuyers. While they are still negotiating a final version, the combined bill will provide an incentive to get buyers off the sidelines and back into the market.

However, we find ourselves caught in a time crunch as Congress has a full agenda between now and their July 4th recess period. Other priorities and this short window in the calendar are jeopardizing this opportunity to pass this critically important legislation in a timely manner. We need to instill a sense of urgency upon each of our elected leaders in Washington, that they must act immediately to pass this housing stimulus legislation.

We have worked with the National Association of Homebuilders to craft an email that can easily be sent to your members of Congress through NAHB’s Builderlink System. I am asking you to take a few minutes TODAY to reach out to your members of Congress using the Builderlink system below.  Just follow the link, provide your contact information and hit the “Take Action” button.   Please then place a follow up call to your legislators at 1-866-924-6242.

click here to email your congress person and Senator