A Gloriously Lazy Weekend

Apologies are in order for all the VVV addicts. I didn’t do a damn thing that wasn’t FOR ME this weekend.

No showings. No appointments. No visits or 3 hour phone conversations with my mother – just 2 five minutes ones.  No meetings for clubs, organizations or causes. AND HORRORS! No blogging.

But the dogs got washed and taken to the dog park. We finished painting the block walls in the front, and  started on the block walls in the back yard. I think there were 3 or 4 naps along the way. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix was just as bad on HBO last night as it was in the theater.  The checkbooks are balanced. There’s a whole bag of new shirts waiting to be washed, and 2 new pairs of shoes waiting to get dirty.

There’s even a new computer sitting in a box in the living room that didn’t even get opened.  

And now it’s Monday Morning, and the phones and emails have already started.