Who Did A Good Job For You? We Need Your Contractor Recommendations

It’s the number one thing that people ask me for. “Who do you know that’s a good (fill in the blank)?

I’ve got a list of my own, but I seem to be overwhelming some of them, and we need back ups. For example, my best handiman is already booked solid for the next 4 weeks.

We especially have a need for the companies that have done right by you in the following categories, but anyone you want to give a plug to will be helpful.


Window Replacement

Concrete Slab Repair or Replace

General Contractors for room additions and serious remodel.

Landscape (install and routine maintainance)

We also want to have referals for:

Plumbers, electricians, painters,  handimen, carpenters, roofing, pool maintainance, pool replastering etc.

Don’t just give me names from the phone book. If you or someone you know well has hasn’t used them, or wouldn’t use them again, we don’t want to know about them.

Feel free to use the comments, or you can call me at 378–7055 or email me at Jack@UncleJack.com 

Please make sure to give your name and the property that that they worked on.

Thanks for your help.