Scotch 80’s Has Foreclosures??

This happened three times this last weekend. I mentioned that I was going to go look at some high end foreclosures in the SCOTCH 80’s. In all three cases, the response was

Yes, there are, and I expected I’d find some really cool fixtures and features. The contrast between the two is startling at best.

IMG_5837The house at 1800 Bannie has been done over in so many styles even I was confused, and I’m the worst decorator in the world.

In an unusual twist, there’s actually a dozen pictures in the MLS, and even a virtual tour of sorts.

The house itself is 4200 feet of rambling rambler. I swear it’s as long as a football field from one end to the other.

Price? $829,900

IMG_6016And then there’s 1700 Bannie. It’s been done over as a medieval castle. It’s a total gut job, We think it was a porno movie set. There’s absolutely no clue in the MLS as to what you’d find for $674,900. It’s 4815 square feet with a detached 4 car garage.

IMG_6011There’s some interesting pictures in the OLD MLS from a couple of years ago, but now it looks like Miss Havesham meets King Arthur! It’s truly a mess now, but the grounds are really great but overgrown. Not recommending it to anyone but the most ambitious and energetic.