Amusing Things Found In The Historic, Vintage, Classic and Retro Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

IMG_5991Shoot Out at the HYDE PARK corral.









IMG_5985It’s not even at a Liberace home. Also from HYDE PARK









Hyde Park Is A 1950’s tract neighborhood that we’ve never covered before. I wouldn’t call it a classic, or retro or historic neighborhood, but I’ve got a new listing there that I’ll be debuting tomorrow for just 90,000.

IMG_6235At first I thought they were golf balls, but it turns out they’re eggshells.

Found In Paradise Palms






Paradise Palms Is Definately Classic, Historic and VERY RETRO. It can be found on both sides of Desert Inn Between Maryand Parkway and Eastern. 



Great Yard Art Design In McNeil






McNeil is one of the bellweather Classic Neighborhoods of Las Vegas. It’s Located west of Rancho between Oakey and Charleston. Lots of Mid Century Modern Ranch style homes.


IMG_6079IMG_6080His and Hers Hippy Vans on 14th Street. And coincidently, they’re not at the same house!