Another Mid Mod Bites The Dust –

PA193823We reported back on October 10th about the Federated Employees building which until the other day stood in out in front of the Italian American Club at Eastern and Sahara.

Now it’s gone.

The Atomic Age Alliance and other preservation groups made an attempt to save it. Steven Jackson, our favorite architect even did drawings for the owner that would incorporate the original style and design into a new strip center.



PA193825We had hoped the that the concrete scalloped roof could be saved and put to use in some other way, and we were promised that the metal sun screens would be saved as well.






2301_20saharaThere was no saving it, unfortunately, because prior to the mid 50’s, the NE corner of Sahara and Eastern was the town’s landfill.  Mind you, the landfill  was way out of town….out in the desert. Major excavation will be required, and the building was built right up against the property line.

Even as a fenced off vacant building, it was still a great piece of “googie” space age architecture. We’ll have to wait and see what finally gets built in the location and if the owner lives up to his promise to replace it with something equally as interesting.



IMG_6271 2We didn’t know when it would happen, but here’s what I found last night. We’re trying to contact the owner to see what the future will bring and if there was any effort made to save the sunscreens or the scallop.