Fun Fixtures Found In Foreclosures – In Rancho Bel Air, No Less

I talked about Rancho Bel Air the other day. The reason I was there was to go see this bank owned home.

I snagged a couple of pictures to share with you that could fit into several  of the different categories.

IMG_6864From the pillars posts and columns folder, there’s this one that I didn’t use. It shows much of the backyard and it’s brick columns, green pool and and a corner of the full guest house/casita.






IMG_6866The home’s a split level, which seems to be theme today. I found the upstairs bathroom to be very colorful. and the mid level powder room to be done in a gold pebbletec finish with black fixtures.



IMG_6867The open tread staircase and entertainment wall surrounding the fireplace are doen in white oak.


IMG_6861And for some reason or other, this 12 foot  freeform sofa got left behind.


From the sad stuff folder, I found bulwinkle in a pile of junk in the garage.

The rest of the house is filthy, will need new carpet and lots of landscape help. There’s a whole dumpster’s worth of stuff in the garage, but it’s priced at only $458,200. Why the 200? don’t ask me!

I’ve yet to see a repo that was clean, loved, or move-in-ready, but that doesn’t mean they’re not redeemable or salvagable, and in all cases……you get what you pay for!