Take Back The Streets – The Monthly Downtown Bicycle Bar Crawl

Img505We’ve been doing this for about 6 months now. It’s always the First Saturday after First Friday. We’ve had as many as 30 cyclists going from bar to bar, and Margarita’s and Mexican at Donna Maries along the way.

There’s usually a few of us “old folk”, but it’s a terrific mix of x’ers and y’ers and boomers. We’re hoping to get a lot more of the baby boomers out this time. Mary Joy’s been telling everyone for a month now.

The itinerary changes every month and is always open to being changed, even in mid-stream. There’s usually 5 or 6 stops along the way. We’ve been to The Downtown Cocktail Room, Dino’s, Hogs and Heiffers, Huntridge Tavern, Snicks, Bunkhouse, Ice House, and many others.  

Where will we go this month? Meet up with us at 6:45 pm THIS SATURDAY 9/6 in the back lot of the Arts Factory at Main and Charleston. That’s the only way to find out!