Atomic Age Alliance To Host Mid Century Modern Home Tour In Paradise Palms

Sunday October 5 will be the first Mid Century Modern Home Tour sponsored by the Atomic Age Alliance. There will be 5 homes open for visiting. Members of AAA will be on hand to point out the important elements of the architecture, design, furnishings, and features that set Mid Century Modernism apart from just about anything that had come before, and certainly apart from all the styles that have been foisted upon us ever since.

The homes will be open from 11 am to 2 pm. These homes are not for sale. The homes are furnished, loved and lived in by their gracious owners.

The Atomic Age Alliance is also contacting real estate agents with listings in Paradise Palms to ask them to have open houses starting at 2 pm for as many properties as can be arranged.

Atomic Age Alliance decided to keep the tour to just Paradise Palms, as it’s the only entirely Mid Mod neighborhood in Las Vegas, but also to help build awareness of the efforts of the residents of Paradise Palms to “save the golf course” from being redeveloped into 500 to 600 new homes which was also recently covered by Channel 8 news.

The tour is only being promoted thru members of Atomic Age Alliance, homeowners and residents of Paradise Palms and the readers of VeryVintageVegas. You are invited, and we’ll announce more details and have flyers available in the next 2 weeks.

If you’ve been telling yourself that you want to get involved in historic preservation, mid century modern revivalism, or just to meet a lot of great people with similar interests…. the next meeting of Atomic Age Alliance will be Monday September 15, 7pm at the newly restored and preserved 5th Street School in Downtown Las Vegas. The address is 401 S. 4th Street. Monday September 15th, 7pm.


The meeting will be at  1536 COMMANCHE DRIVE in Paradise Palms! (we appologize for the last minute change of location) 7pm