What I Learned At BlogWorld

IMG_7623 adjIMG_7630If you don’t tuck your shirttail in, you fit in much better at a geek convention.

There’s more “social networking” new technology out there than I can ever embrace or will ever have time for.



IMG_7628I’m absolutely not a geek.

Most real estate blogs are written for other Real Estate Agents instead of for the public, and no one can tell me why.

Most bloggers quit after 3 months. I do know why that happens. It’s a lot of work.

I’m doing more things right than wrong, and am reminded about a lot of the basics that the Tomato folks taught me that have been forgotten.

Twitter is silly, but in case you really need to know… we had pork roast for dinner.  

Facebook is the prefered social networking site. I took a couple of sessions on community building, and promise to keep my facebook up to date. If you’re on facebook, I invite you to add me as a friend.

Many of the Realtors and Loan Officers from around the country who I met have read VeryVintageVegas at least once, if not regularly. That’s really helping to spread the word about the regentrification of the urban core of Las Vegas.

I got stopped by several local non-RE bloggers who recognized me. Included was HeresToGirlFriends author Carolyn Stephens, and social media blogger Michael Terpin. Happy to have them a new friends.

Lunch on Friday with Bawld Guy Talking, Jeff Brown (who’s an amazingly good teacher on the subject of real estate as an investment vehicle for retirement, as well as a great regular read), reinforced my belief in Vintage Vegas as the best place to invest in all of Las Vegas.