Mid Century Modernism Is Now Being Used in Commercials

Since we’re spending the week talking about and showing (at the Paradise Palms Tour on Sunday) mid century modernism, there’s this little youtube I’ve had bookmarked for a month now. I like plugging the local businesses of Vintage Vegas, but I’ve never given bandwith or blog coverage of a nationally available product before. I’m not doing it to show you the car. It’s everything leading up to the car that makes the point about Mid Century Modernism.

If you watch TV much, you’ve probably started to notice the water district ad,  or the one with the birds getting revenge on the homeowner by closing the sliding glass door.  Watch for them. Mid Century Modern architecture, design and living in are featured in all of them.

Our perspective is usually about going from the “new” out in suburbia back to the “old” of urban. The car ad below twists it a little bit. It moves you from the traditional to the modern.

This isn’t a plug for the car, it just a very interesting makeover of a home. Enjoy!

Is there a TV Commercial that you know of that makes the point? Something we should watch for? Tell us about it in the comments, or better yet, send me a link to the youtube.