What You’ll See At The Paradise Palms Tour

In a conversation this morning with a reader (who was making their first contact with me about buying a home), I was asked what was going to be on the tour this Sunday.

We have 5 homes THAT ARE NOT FOR SALE. The Owners have graciously allowed us to show off their mid century modern homes. The home where you have to sign in is typical of the “ready to be restored” home that’s so typical of many of the lower priced homes that are for sale, especially the bank owned ones.

The rest of the homes are much loved originals or restorations. On the way to each home, the map and directions will direct you look at 15 other homes that make the case for the growing fever about Mid Century Modernism.

I’ll be at the last home on the tour, acting as a guide, or as MM calls it, a docent. It’s one of the finest restorations I’ve ever seen. If you want a great lesson on the “languange” of modernism, this tour will be your Rosetta Stone.

If you’d like to meet me, for whatever reason, make sure to introduce yourself at the last stop of the tour.